Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Procrastination Part Two

Smoking Status:
Total cigarettes yesterday - 7
I tend to have 2 with my coffee in the morning and two when I get home in the evening, so I've decided to commit to not having two in a row any longer. Let's see if that brings down my average. I'm going on a field trip HERE tomorrow, so perhaps I'll end up quitting after viewing a cross-section of a smoker's lung.

Novel Status:
41,820 words
I'm really not adding to the plot at all. I've printed out a copy and edited it by hand. There are just a few better word choices to make and I noticed a few places where I was telling instead of showing. Some additional description here and there. But in general, I love it! I'm days away from sending my queries out.

Today's procrastination technique is a more recent one: blogs.

I was at first skeptical of the whole idea of blogs. Mind you, my first exposure to blogs was the rantings of a few crazy poets. But now, I see not only the usefullness in them, but the fun, too. I swore to someone about a month ago that I was not going to start blogging. I resisted. I just thought I didn't have the time. But then I thought I could use it as a way to focus myself before I write each night. Or at least that's what I told myself.

There are only a few blogs I visit on a regular basis. One could spend their entire day reading blogs.
I'm as selective about my blogs as I am about the television shows I watch. I'm not really looking for any new places to go, but wouldn't mind hearing about where others visit, especially if they pertain to the film, tv, publishing industries, because that's practical procrastination.

Of course I visit my hubby's blog. For those of you who don't know, he's studying for his Master's degree in Music Business Management at the University of Westminster in Harrow, England. He'll be back some time late next spring. It's the wise-ass ramblings of a mature student as he battles the forces of the British govenrment, the British culture, and drunken underclassmen.

Since I've been investigating the publishing world, I've found Kristin Nelson's (of Nelson Literary Agency) blog very useful. She gives good solid advice and she's a very nice person.

For sinfully snarky advice, I visit Miss Snark. Another agent. Not as nice. But oh, so snarky.

Then, for kicks and giggles, it's Evil Editor. He posts queries and quotes from sample pages and makes fun of them in his blog. A guilty pleasure.

Some of the other folks here have blogs as well. Angelica has one on "metaphysical musings" and another on a 30 day prosperity consciousness program. Erin has started one about her personal journey from the pit of hell to a more conscious way of living. Erin, btw, is one of the most amazing manifestors I've ever met.

Of course, then there are the variosu blogs coming out of the Middle East. There isn't one I visit regularly, but friends have directed me to various sites for particular posts.

Well, that's enough procrastination for one day. I'm off to visit the White Forest.

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