Thursday, November 2, 2006

Procrastination Part Three - Daydreaming

Smoking Status:
total yesterday: 3
total today: 5 (including the one I'm going to have after blogging)
Not bad. I think my average is going down. Although I know eventually, it will have to be cold turkey.

Novel Status:
Word Count: 41,990
I had finished my final hard-copy edit and transferred the info for the first three chapters... so I went ahead and sent in my query to Nelson Literary Agency (thinking I had lots of time to transfer the rest of the editing marks). FIFTEEN HOURS after I sent my e-mail query, they wrote back to me asking for the first 30 pages. I did one final edit of the first three chapters and Fed Exed them in (or at least, Tod did for me from the U.S. - thanks, Tod!). Whew! No matter what happens next, I'm proud of myself for sending my query and delighted that it actually worked. Now I'm visualizing a big smile on Kristin Nelson's face as she reads it.

... which brings me to today's procrastination device: daydreaming.

I've always been a daydreamer. I used to get harassed about it as a teen (my best friends would call me “air-head” – thanks, guys). But it’s always worked for me and I’m not about to stop now. The key is to become a focused daydreamer. That way it becomes creative visualization. And creative visualization is an excellent way to manifest what you want in your life. It’s very productive, actually, even though it seems like you’re not doing much at all (or even being “idealistic” or “getting your hopes up” as some of my more cynical friends might say).

You can poo-poo the idea, but I’ve done my fair share of manifesting out of creative visualization. There’s my wonderful husband, our cool house, my cool jobs, my screenwriting agent, and smaller things, like a free pair of boots (I was daydreaming about boots, I needed comfy warm boots for the winter. An hour later Rev. Angelica called asking me what size shoe I wore because she had some boots that were too small for her. They were warm and comfy). A few times when I was very low on cash and out of work, I sat in the kitchen thinking about the phone ringing, visualizing myself picking it up and being offered a job. That’s worked a few times.

There are only a few literary agents for screenwriting in Vancouver. And once I had decided which one was mine, I got to work. Several of my close friends know I used to visualize myself riding up in their elevator, meeting with the agent, etc. etc. Whenever I passed by, whether I was alone or with a friend, I would point up to the seventh floor of their building and say, “That’s my agency up there. My agent is up there. See my agent?” I daydreamed long and hard on that one. It took two years. Of course, I worked on several scripts over those two years and kept in touch with them until I finally hit them with something they really liked. It wasn’t as easy as a pair of boots, but it’s the same concept.

So lately I’ve been daydreaming in coffee shops (when I go to work on my novel). I visualize my book in the window display of bookstores. I visualize book reviews in the papers. I see myself giving readings to thousands of people. (That’s easy to do… I’ve been on stage many times and I know what a big crowd looks like, so I just cut and paste those images together). I visualize myself on a red carpet opening for the movie. And just for kicks, I’ve been visualizing myself on Oprah. Hey, you gotta daydream big.

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