Monday, December 4, 2006

Finish up and Hurry

Non-Smoking Status:
Surprisingly good. I've only had one pack of cigarettes in 12 days. Of course it could be due to the fact that I had a really bad cold for 7 of those days. I think I've discovered a cure for smoking. Pneumonia!

Novel Status:
It’s the seasonal slow-down of creative projects. However, I DID meet my 10-day challenge and sent query letters to 10 agents. See below.

On the Reading Pile:
I just finished a quick read ofThe Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. If you've never read it before, it's a must. If you haven't read it in a long time, read it again. I understand it on a much deeper level than I did as a kid. I'm having my middle-grade students read it and they said "it's weird and doesn’t make sense.” This particular group of kids takes everything far too literally. Sigh. I’m trying to teach them to think outside the hexagon.

I’m also reading Busting Loose from the Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld. Now, this book’s title, and more so its cover, don’t do the book justice. Bruce and I agree that the look of the book is misleading. It’s really “out there.” Even for moi (and you know I put the “woo” in woo-woo). But even if you don’t buy his whole premise that we are all simply each other’s holograms and nothing is real, his exercises are pretty awesome when you put them into practice. Bruce and I have been checking in with each other daily about how it’s changing our lives. As Johnny Carson used to say, “It’s weird, wild stuff.”

Blog of the Week:


Wading through the sea of Print-on-Demand titles, one overpriced paperback at a time--and giving you the buried treasure.

Cuz not all POD in print is crap. She stresses that POD is not synonymous with self-publishing or vanity press. Lots of smaller, independent, boutique publishers now use POD. Check out one close to my heart: en theos press.


10-Day Challenge:

Thanks to those who sent private e-mail messages about your own 10 day challenges. One person said she was going to spend ½ hour per day just for herself (she has two young boys and works) and another said he was going to read every day. That’s cool and I challenge the rest of you to join us next time.

I sent 10 query letters in 10 days (and even a few questions to some agents that weren’t official queries). I think things are slowing down in publishing because of the holidays, which could actually be an advantage. Agents can spend more time reading queries since editors are all getting ready for vacation.

agent - action/response - result - response time

Kristin Nelson (Nelson Literary Agency) – requested partial from e-query- "not a match" - 10 days

Michelle Andelman (Andrea Brown Literary Agency) - e-query with partial - "not for her but recommended two other agents and called my writing "lovely" - 2 days

Jen Jaeger (Andrea Brown (as per Michelle's referral)) - e-query with partial – polite and personal “not for me.” - 2 days

Amy Tipton (Peter Rubie Literary Agency) - sent e-query - waiting for response

Megan Atwood (Firebrand Literary)requested partial from e-query – waiting for response (and actually, the lead agent, Nadia Cornier (who started Firebrand) e-mailed me to say that Megan was no longer in publishing. Nadia had been going through Megan’s queries and found mine and wanted to see some pages.)

Zoe Fishman (
Lowenstein-Yost Associated, Inc) – requested partial from e-query – waiting for response.

Kathleen Anderson (Anderson Literary) – sent e-query – waiting for response

General Query (Levine Greenberg Literary Agency) – sent e-query – waiting for response

Ginger Clark (Curtis Brown, Ltd) – sent e-query – waiting for response

Michael Bourret
(Dystel & Goderich Literary Mgmt.) – sent e-query – “dear author” form reply rejection – 1 day (fastest rejection in the West)

Sara Crowe (Harvey Klinger, Inc – that cracks me up. Remember? Marcia Brady had a crush on a geeky kid named Harvey Klinger. He was a budding entomologist.) – sent e-query – waiting for response

Andrea Brown’s policy is to send pages in your e-query, which is not very common. Aside from those two agents who got partials in my original queries, 3 out of 4 requested partials from my query. I’d say that’s pretty good odds.

Oh, yeah… the title of this blog entry. That’s how this time of the year always feels to me. Finishing up all the little tasks and projects and winding things down only to find myself with one day to shop or to pack for my one-month vacation.