Saturday, January 6, 2007

Yes, hello, I'm here... but not there.

Non-smoking status:
Yeah... um... funny story there. I've been in Southern Portugal with Baby for two weeks and well, cigarettes are very cheap (EU$2 per pack) and the only place they don't smoke is in elevators. I swear I saw ashtrays in toilet stalls. But don't worry... we're back in London, flat broke (a temporary local circumstance of course), and cigarettes are more expensive here than going to the movies. It's enough to make one quit, er, yeah! Baby and I haven't bought a pack since we've been back and aren't planning on it.

Here I am having coffee on our balcony in "new town" Albufeira, Portugal on New Year's Eve morning.

(Canadians, fear not, that big bright spot is not an atomic bomb going off in Morocco. It's the SUN.)

Novel Status:
(see picture above)

On the Reading Pile:
I read Tithe by Holly Black just before leaving Vancouver. I wanted to see what other kind of modern faerie tales were out there. It's very dark and really meant for girls ages 13-16 with its teen angst elements (the protag's mom is a flaky, alcoholic rock singer and the girl smokes and drinks and ditches school). Not exactly my novel's audience. But I liked the book and she has a way with metaphor.

Currently reading Second Sight by Judith Orloff. Basically the autobiography of an intuitive psychiatrist and her theories on cultivating one's intuitive side and how to intigrate it with a more "scientific" practice. (i.e. family doctors who use healing touch) I'm really enjoying the book and it's reminding me about previous intuitive moments I've had in the past. It's also motivating me to start meditating again (which could be helpful in perminantly quitting smoking as well). I was in tears reading the passages about her mother's death as it reminded me so much of when my Dad died 6 months ago.

10-day Challenge Status:
I'm planning another 10 day challenge some time at the end of January. Just giving you advance warning so you can prepare yourselves. Regarding my previous queries, I'm still waiting from the two agents who asked for partials and a few who have yet to answer my original query. I did get one very nice "no thank you" from Levine Greenberg.

Baby says that dinner is ready, so I'll post more later, including more pics (to inspire you, not to make you jealous, honest).

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