Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Updates Are Us - And Another Round of the 10-Day Challenge

Non-Smoking Status: Haven't had a cigarette in over 3 weeks and I feel great!

On the Reading Pile: Still reading the Automatic Millionaire Homeowner. It's taking some time to go through because I'm taking notes and making a list. He's got a checklist of action items at the end of each chapter. Very useful.

On the other end of the spectrum... I just picked up The Limits of Thought - discussions between physicist David Bohm and Krishnamurti - and Truth and Actuality by Krishnamurti. Yes, I realize how eclectic my tastes are. I'm reading these because a potential client is writing a book and these men influenced him. Regarding David Bohm, you gotta check out his bio. I knew of him, but didn't realize what a very interesting life he led. He was literally banned from looking at his own research, because it became classified information.

Packing to move, I'm always amazed at how many books are on my shelf that I've never read. Baby and I cancelled our cable. We're selling the TV. We're cutting expenses because dammit we're buying a house next year! We've decided to have No Tech Days around the house, where we spend time cooking, eating, reading, writing and whatever else comes to mind. Nudge, nudge, nudge.

In additional news... things went very well at the London Book Fair and now B&F are at the Bologna Book Fair rubbing elbows with publishers and convincing them that they'd be idiots not to make an offer on Brigitta. If anyone can do it, they can! Their enthusiasm is contagious.

* * * * *

(are you up to blasting out of your rut?)

Enough procrastination! Time for real commitment. As they say in the Mastery, how do you know you're committed to doing something? Because you're doing it!

The 10 Day challenge is a personal 10-day commitment. That's it. You decide what it is you'd like to commit to. 10 days is doable. 10 days is a limited amount of time. If you can't commit to doing something for 10 days, are you SURE it's something you really want?

It started one year when a friend and I challenged each other to write 10 short scripts in 10 days. It was a blast. And when it was over, I had 10 scripts, several of which are now production ready.

In the next challenge, I finished a screenplay in 10 days. In the next, I worked on my novel for 10 days. I've had friends take time out for themselves for 10 days, write a short story a day for 10 days, or meditate for 10 days. Whatever it is you've been procrastinating doing, do it for 10 days! Quit smoking for 10 days. Take a walk each day for 10 days.

So, here's my commitment... I will work on Brigitta the screenplay version for a minimum of an hour per day for 10 days (it was first a screenplay, then a novel, now I'm rewriting the screenplay again). It probably won't even take the whole 10 days. I'll decide what to do if I finish it before the time is up. I'll start tomorrow and anyone is welcome to join me.

That's it. That's my commitment. No excuses (such as moving, taxes, traveling out of town, etc). I could throw in plenty there. But this is about demonstrating my commitment to writing.

What's your commitment?


PoeTrix said...

Cool. I think I'm going to write in my journal every day for 10 days. I am so sporadic about it. And the thing is that I always feel better when I start the day with morning pages. So, here I go: 10 days straight of morning pages. I'm one day off since I'll start tomorrow. Thanks, Danika!

WinterRose said...

That's cool! I really should do this with my writing... I'm so bad at keeping up with it. I'll want to write so bad, but I'm too lax with my time management and priorities that it ends up getting shoved to the back of things. I think I'll try to do 3-5 pages everyday, for ten days! Hopefully I'll have built up a habit by then. =P

OpenChannel said...

Way to go, both of you. I just finished day 7 of 10 (after starting over twice). This time, I'm going to make it.

And you think THAT's a challenge. I've just been given a 100 DAY challenge to write what I'm grateful for every day. Love it!