Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Art of Patience

Okay, so B&F took Brigitta to the Book Fairs about a month ago, so of course I'm getting overly anxious like some newbie writer. I should know better!

It's just that I've been working on this idea for so long and to have this much movement and be this close... well it makes even a seasoned writer get impatient.

Seasoned writer... hmmm... I always think of someone sprinkling me with salt and pepper. Or growing branches with leaves that turn red and fall...

B&F wrote to tell me that the fact that no publisher has gotten back to us yet is a GOOD thing. I hadn't thought of it this way. First of all, and this is how ego-centric I am (let's face it, we all are at times), the publishers probably took meetings with 50 agents over the course of the fair and quite possibly requested 25 or more manuscripts.

I kid you not, I actually hadn't thought about them requesting other manuscripts. Oh, yeah, other writers... right. They didn't just pick mine and say NO MORE, we have found the most brilliant idea here, we can leave the fair now.

Second, something I also should have known, the first read is done by a junior agent. If she likes it, she sends it up the food chain to the people who can actually green light the project. They talk amongst themselves, and then contact us to tell us they will lose the desire to live if they can't publish this book. That takes time.

In the meantime, I've still got today and 2 more days to complete my 10 day challenge. By that time, I will have finished (FINALLY!!!) adapting my novel back into a screenplay.

After that, I've got another project up my sleeve. AND another idea for those of you who would like to write a screenplay from scratch. You heard me! If you need a coach, I'm here. We'll do it together. You will join me in the process of HOW I write a feature screenplay from start to finish of first draft. I will post the exercises I use so you can follow along.

More on that later... time to write!

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Harmony said...

Great idea. I don't really have an interest in writing a screenplay, though. Can this be used as a way to write something else? Maybe a novel? Or would the differences in format matter?

Or maybe I'll just become an accidental screenwriter! LOL!