Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Disapproving Cats

To all Disapproving Rabbits, we would like to pay our respects and join you in your disapproval. We Cats (not kitties, we disapprove of that term) were born to disapprove. We believe we come from a fine family of disapprovalists, like the disapproving giraffe and the disapproving owl. We are experts in the field and are committed to daily disapproval.

(Dogs, by the way, are not inherently disapproving. Oh, sure, someone's going to write in and send their disapproving canine photo. And yes, they have fleeting moments of disapproval. But in general, dogs are pleasers. They look FOR approval, so therefore may not be disapproving.)

Yours Truly,
Disapproving Victor Gato
Disapproving Albert le Chat

1 comment:

Harmony said...

Oh my goddess, those are such great pictures of your cats!

Go Albert! Go Victor! Disapproval for all!