Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Don't...don't...don't...don't...don't p-p-p-panic!

A few people saw my list of assignments and went EEEK! I even got a phone call (hi Y!) from someone who wanted to join us who can only do 1/2 hour per day and didn't know how she could complete all the tasks.

My answer is: this is your writing time, your commitment, and I wanted to make the assignments as flexible as possible. It's sort of a build-your-own program.

I created 4 exercises for the folks who are writing many days per week for an hour or more so that they wouldn't run out of exercises to do. I wrote for an hour yesterday and only made it through #3 myself.

I suggest you do #1 each time you sit down to write this week, and then pick which ones you'll do next. You can do #2 one day, #3 the next, #4 the next. Or mix them up or whatever. Again, this is about focus and commitment and creating a ritual for yourself through which you fulfill your promise to yourself. If it takes you 6 weeks or 10 weeks or 6 months to complete your first draft, it doesn't matter. It's the steady ritual that will get you there.

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."
~Dorrie, Finding Nemo


WinterRose said...

*Sings "Just keeping swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." while she is writing* You know. I think Dorrie would have amazing career as self-help guru. ;p

OpenChannel said...

I love that quote... I use it often. Yes, follow Dorrie! She also lives completely in the moment. We could learn a lot from her.

GG said...

I fess up! LOL! I got nervous for a moment and thot I wouldn't be able to do it. But I'm here and I even gave it a title. I'm calling it "The Adulteress" but that might change later on. :-]

I REALLY liked that *protagonist's wound* thing -- being a psych major and all 8^) -- altho I'm not sure If I did it right??

Were we supposed to tell you what it's about too? I didn't see that anywhere but thot maybe I missed it?

I also admit that I'm new to this blogger world -- so behind on the times -- so if I ask a lot of questions you know why.

OpenChannel said...

I picked up the startline "the wound that shaped my protagonist's life..." from my mentors at University of Washington. Actually, most of my exercises are modified versions of what we learned there.

I did not ask anyone to tell me what their story is about. I may later on. I may ask people to post some of their writing to share, just to share.