Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More Polly Papers

I pause now for a brief background on The Polly Papers.

The original Polly Papers were written on consecutive mornings at 3:15 AM during the month of August 2003 as part of The 3:15 Experiment.

For those of you just tuning into the program, The 3:15 Experiment is an ongoing collaborative writing experiment. Since
1993, a shifting menagerie of poets scattered across the globe has been waking every August morning at 3:15am to write. An exercise exploring hypnogogic and hypnopompic states (between sleeping and waking), The 3:15 Experiment provides insight into the collective sleeping/dreaming mind.

Two anthologies have been published (one by The Owl Press and the other by en theos press) and we have had two 3:15 "gatherings" where participants met and performed. The experiment continues to engage, inspire, confound... and piss off lovers, husbands, and wives across the planet. This year, we are relaunching the website and preparing surprises for the 15th anniversary (2008)!

In August 2003 I was working on a screenplay called The New Mrs. Polly Dearborne. I decided it would be intersting to write about the protagonist (Polly) at 3:15 in order to discover/uncover more about the character. I used the screenwriting slugline terms Int (interior) and Ext (exterior) in each title, although their application seems a bit random.

I ended up really liking the results and have always wanted to edit them as a series. However, the trick to rewriting them is how to maintain that surreal dream-like quality while making them more accessible and cohesive. You can check out the original poems HERE.

Below is another one I was working on today. I kinda like the way it's shaping up. I'm just not satisfied with the ending yet.

Int. Polly and the Dream of Horses

She is looking for an exit
wound big gaping hole in the center
of the universe

She pays attention
to all the people on the bus
that could be me
in that ambulance one
small hot dog choke later could
be me next lifetime mouse
w/ missing eyeball cat tortured
all night could be me
banana leaf jumping grasshopper
could be me unread book on shelf
could be me CPR nurse w/ a thousand
could be me
deaf angel handing out cards
on the street for a dollar bus
drivers off duty
man on the corner w/ an agent
and no town friendlier
could be me
girl w/ green hair
could be me momma
raindrops falling on her head
my head
(our head)

could be me movie director
w/ suicidal rock and roll singers
shaved heads and vows of silence

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