Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Sad Day in the Blog-o-Sphere

When I logged on to Miss Snark today I found this message:

Miss Snark is Retiring

At first I thought she meant from the agenting business. But what she meant was from blogging.

I am truly saddened, as she was the only blog I turned to on a daily basis.

What she said was this: "Two years; two million hits; yes, Miss Snark has run out of new things to say."

I guess it could happen to the best of us.

The blog itself will stay up, as will my link to her site, because it is a fountain of information.

What to do now? I suppose I could go back to the beginning of her posts and read (although it just won't be the same). I could find another blog to check in for my daily inspiration, there are plenty to choose from. Perhaps you might recommend one?

Or I could use the time to write. In her honour. Haha.

If you've never been to Snark Central, I encourage you to do so.

Disapproving Victor is pensive after hearing the news of Miss Snark's retirement. (either that or he's thinking about which bug to eat for lunch)


snark fan said...

Long live Ms. Snark! I just started reading her blog a few months ago. Darn my timing. I was going to enter her next crap-o-meter contest.


Book Qween said...

Love Victor!
Love Albert!
Hooray for disapproval!

WinterRose said...

I love Miss. Snark, too! I was really sad to hear about her retiring... especially since I JUST heard of her. But, I guess the positive to that is I have all of her archives to read.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I enjoyed visiting (and enjoy visiting) yours. I can't wait to read your progress on your next screenplay!

Later. :3