Sunday, June 17, 2007

Blogs Updated Hypnosis

Have you ever noticed the "Blogs updated at ________" list on the Blogger home page? It's just under the B Blogger logo.

I find it fascinating. And hypnotic.

It's simply a continuous list of blogs flashing on the screen that have been updated in the LAST MINUTE. I'm fascinated by it because it never stops; it's so rhythmic. But also because of the sheer amount of people in the world who are updating their blogs. And this is just on Blogger. How many blog spaces are there on the internet? So many people reaching out to communicate. To connect. To be heard.

The world is getting smaller, I say.
The world has always been small, he says,
we are only gripping it tighter...

After a while I start to get overwhelmed and have to click off.

I have yet to see my own blog come up when I post a new message.

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