Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Code Cracked!

So, I'm doing my laundry and I look on the back of the tag to read the care instructions. There are no instructions. Instead it's got what I call "Housewife Hieroglyphics."

I've seen those symbols a billion times and never have I asked anyone what they mean. (Like any of my friends would know anyway.) The iron with the little X through it is pretty self-explanatory, but other than that I don't even know if 30c is cold or warm or hot. When it's 30c in Vancouver, it sure feels pretty good to me, but I don't know how my hoodie feels about it.

In the past I'd just make a guess and hope for the best. And I'd end up line drying half my stuff because I didn't know what a triangle or square with a dot means. Don't want to take a chance on shrinking one of my favourite creature comforts... oh blue hoodie of the grey day refrain...

I'm wondering how the hell people are supposed to know this stuff? There's no lesson at school to decipher these and who made them up anyway? Of course, I managed to finagle my way out of Home Economics in Middle School, so perhaps that's where I went off course.

I decided enough is enough and I feel SO much better now. Like I've cracked some code that's been taunting me for years.

Oh how I LOVE the Internet: THE LAUNDRY CODE


Harmony said...

LOL!!! I've been wondering the same thing!! I have no idea why I never thought of asking anyone or looking it up. I just put everything on cold and low heat and pray.

Mystery solved!! :-p

(BTW I have been lurking around (but not writing in the challenge although now I feel like doing it!!) so I want to say good luck to all the writers. I'm your cheerleader. Rah, rah!!)

Harmony said...

Oh, and I love the COOL NEW PICTURE at the top!! How did you do that? Is that original artwork?!? If so you are multi-talented.

OpenChannel said...

Thanks, Harmony

I have this thing about taking pictures of graffiti when I travel. I'm fascinated that there is graffiti everywhere you go. It's social commentary.

Believe is or not, this was some graffiti from Faro, Portugal right by the bus station. There was an entire wall of it and it was absolutely stunning.

I learned how to post the picture here:

I had to crop it and size it in Photoshop first, though.