Saturday, June 23, 2007

I'm such a sap

I never watch Canadian Idol, American Idol, Pop Idol, or any other kind of idol. But I found this episode and had to share. If you haven't seen this yet, grab your hankie.

This is what you call natural talent.


Christine said...

RYC on my Xanga blog - a Virtual Book Tour is like a real book tour...only in cyberspace. I have a list of people who've agreed to either interview me or do a review of my book, on in one case post an article or let me be a guest blogger, during a set period of time. On their scheduled day, they become a 'stop' on the tour and post the content, along with information about how to find the book and me, etc...

The idea is to reach beyond your normal blog readers, and to get your blog readers to reach other blogs.

There's an itinerary for my VBT on my website. (under Appearances)

Have a nice day!

OpenChannel said...

For anyone who caught this, I love the idea! How to do a book tour and never leave your couch. Awesome! I also like the idea of sharing audiences, creating a wider community.

Of course, I like getting out of the house and traveling, but what a great way to make connections.

Hmmmmm (can you hear Danika's mind working?). A virtual poetry tour sounds great to me. Or, adding that element to my own blog - having guests on! Fantastic!

Thanks, Christine!

Vicki said...

This little girl is amazing. In case you didn't see any of the others this is the link to the man (Paul) who ended up winning. Talk about natural born talent. He's truly just an average guy who when he opens his mouth to sing you are blown away. Even if this is not the genre of music someone likes he is still amazing.

Oh, and I love your blog.

OpenChannel said...

Wow! I got chills.

I love Simon's comment... "So, you work at carphone warehouse..." LOL.

Thanks... I've been watching them all now. SO refreshing after catching glimpses of the American and Canadian Idols...