Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rock Bottom Remainders Wannabe

In the past, I've told my friends that my two goals are to be interviewed on the Daily Show and to be an answer in a NYT crossword puzzle. The Thursday edition.

My new goal is to go on tour with the Rock Bottom Remainders. The members are made up of famous authors (and sometimes a few talented musicians to balance it out). I'm not a stellar musician, but I can carry a better-than-average tune. I'm certain if I get famous enough they'll let me in.


Book Qween said...

I'd heard of these guys on NPR or something. Their site is hilarious. I'd love to see them in concert and then hang out with them afterwards. I might have to become a groupie.

OpenChannel said...

Hmmm, there's an idea. Just start hanging out with them until they let me play along. I'll just wear them down until they give in. haha.

Erin C. said...

Great idea....persistance is key!