Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Again Already? (TT #2)

Wow, time flies... This TT thing isn't as easy as I thought (even with my TTTT List). You really gotta be on your toes. And when I tried to actually THINK of 13 things, I went through several lists before I came to one I could do. So, by process of elimination I present to you:

Thirteen Objects I Have Named

1 Bear-Bear (later to be renamed Bare-Bear after he
lost all his fur) - My first stuffed teddy bear. I still have
him. He's 37 years old.

2 The Green Machine – My moped. She was bright green.

3 Bossie - The first car I paid over $1,000 for. A white
1988 Toyota Corolla FX Hatchback.

4 The Hags – Technically not an object but it’s MY list.
A spoken-word performance trio of bitchy women. We met
and performed in Boulder, CO.

5 Cedar, Redwood, Willow, etc. – When I was in college
I worked for a builder. They were putting up townhomes.
I was only an office assistant, but for some reason they let
me name the different designs. I guess they thought I was
creative. Ironically, I named them all after trees.

6 The Acorn - My household north of the U District in
. We called it that because we said we were all"corny."
I had 5 different house-mates during the three years I lived there.

7 The Refugee Camp – My household in South Seattle. There
were three of us. One of us was from Bosnia.

8 ForWord FourTete – A spoken-word quartet I performed
with in Seattle. 2 males, 2 females. We rocked.

9 Katmandu – My household on the Eastside of Vancouver.
Two cats and 4 humans.

10 Katmandeux – My current household (just *Baby, me, and
the two cats).

11 Asta – My motorcycle. A red Yamaha Radian YX600. Named
after a kick ass chick heroine in an Aussie flick and also a play
on the Spanish word Hasta.

12 Bob – A brown accordion folder I used to have my students
turn their work into. I have no idea why I called it Bob. It just
seemed appropriate at the time.

13 Baby – The object of my affection. I can’t remember what
his first name is. He also calls me Baby. It makes things easier.

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Miss Profe said...

I like your list.

I still have my first bear, too. It was given to me by my parents when I was a baby. It doesn't have a name, though.

I call my car, Boo Boo.:)

MommyBa said...

You have a very cool list for this week. I have also named the cars that I use (Victoria for my Honda Civic and Tish for my Toyota Corolla Altis). Then there was Fifi, a furry doll that got lost when we moved to our family home. Freddie Krueger was an ex. LOL!

Happy Thursday!

ExPat Mom said...

Great idea for a list. Sometimes they come around too fast, don´t they?

Starrlight said...

Happy TT!

You can get the link box at Mr Linkie

OpenChannel said...

Thanks, all! I've started to remember other objects I have named. I had two rubber fish I called Bobo and Pepe. I took them on road trips with me.

Hmmm... Freddy Krueger... let me guess, bad breakup?

Starrlight... thanks! I'll check it out.

Poodlerat said...

Other than stuffed animals, the only I think I own that has a name is my calculator, Sir Calvin. By a strange coincidence, my cousin's cat is also named Calvin. And she and her husband liked the name so much, they named their firstborn child Calvin, too. I look forward to the day I can tease him about being named after a cat.

Joy T. said...

Aww Bare-Bear. Nothing like a naked bear in the house LOL Great list, glad I visited for TT!

OpenChannel said...

Poodlerat - Love Sir Calvin the calculator.

Thanks, Joy!

Lisa said...

My first car was named Cody, and the second Lucille. I didn't name the third, and just got my fourth, still unnamed.

Happy Thursday.

Scribbit said...

For being unsure of the whole TT thing you sure came up with a fun list. Love it!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yep, very good list. What fun stuff you've named!

OpenChannel said...

Thanks, Scribbit and Susan, I almost want to do a follow up, since I've remembered several more things.

Lisa, I don't know why, but I've always named my modes of transportation. Guess I want to know what to call them to encourage them to go.

If a friend buys a car and they don't give it a name, I name it for them. I just named my friend's van Velma. I also tend to rename my friend's boyfriends and husbands for some reason.