Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - WURDZ

I've been at the Women in Film and Television International's Summit in Toronto all week, so I'm pretty full right now. You can watch some of the summit on line, which is cool. I especially liked the "glass ceiling" panel with Ann Medina, Trina McQueen, and Phyllis Yaffee on Tuesday, July 17th. These women were persistent pioneers who never stopped following their life's passions.

This week's quick Thursday Thirteen comes from my very sleep deprived braincells.

Danika's Thirteen Favourite Words (believe it or not... in order of preference):

1) uber
2) demonstrative
3) copasetic
5) periwinkle
6) quintessential
7) chartreuse
8) monkeyshines
9) wirklich
10) pompier
11) plethora
12) phalanges
13) and my all time favourite word: pamplemousse

If you asked me why I liked these particular words, it would be a different answer for each. Some I like the way they sound when I say them. Some I like the meaning and the sound of the word. Some I have a memory or emotional attachment to. Like periwinkle and chartreuse - I remember pulling those crayons out of my crayola box and being thrilled that colours could be named such things. I wrote a poem about a girl named Chartreuse Integrity when I was in school.

And pamplemousse, well, how in the world could you NOT love that word?


Vicki said...

I love the words. :) I always love learning new words. I get this word a day thing from More often than not they're words I've never heard of and won't be able to use in my wip but it's still cool to learn them.

I can't wait to hear more about your conference.


My favorite nail polish color is "Gregarious." It is a purple color.

Linda said...

Aren't words delicious, sometimes?

Nice TT. Hello again. :-)

I have two TTs:
13 Snarfs (historic landmarks) on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
13 Things I want to do

OpenChannel said...

Butterfly - I love that a purple nail polish is named gregarious. I wonder what colour quintessential or monkeyshines would be...

My favourtie nail polish colour name is PIQUANT PINK. Piquant is in my top 20 favourite words.

Linda, thanks for stopping by!


The word phalanges always makes me laugh.

OpenChannel said...

It's one of those words that's been stuck in my head since biology in high school.

I once used it in a 3:15 poem (poems written after waking oneself up in the middle of the night) - I can't believe my subconscious managed such a task.