Friday, August 17, 2007

Cosplay This!

Sometimes I think I'm on top of the pop culture game, and then I discover I'm as hip-less as a snake.

I had never heard of the term COSPLAY until a few days ago. It's probably because I've never been to a comic book convention or any kind of Sci-fi convention (surprising, I know), although I have plenty of friends who have (Wait, is that something I should admit?).

I love subcultures. I love discovering entire communities of people who are participating in activities and rituals that most other people know nothing about. From spelling bees, gamer communities, collectors, pet show participants, or the American Harp Society... anything where people share a passion, obsession or fetish. The writer in me just loves all this and considers it great fodder for writing.

If you've never heard of COSPLAYING (combination of Costume and Role Playing) it started in Japan and is a subculture centered on dressing as characters from manga, anime, videogames, and sometimes fantasy TV shows and movies. Apparently there are Cosplay parties and even certain streets where people hang out in their COSPLAY gear. It's catching on elsewhere, too, my friends. Many sci-fi/fantasy authors use it to market their books. I would pay to see J.K Rowling dressed up as one of her characters.

Check THESE PHOTOS of people in their Cosplay gear.

I must, must, must work a cosplayer into a screenplay somehow.


Alyssa Goodnight said...

I agree--definitely work one in. Could be hilarious...if that's what you're going for. Either way, it sounds cool.

Just noticed your Start to Finish exercises--I'll have to check them out even though I'm not writing a screenplay (at least not right now...)

Thanks for visiting!

Vicki said...

Really cool. I'd not heard of them either.

How's everything going?

OpenChannel said...

Hi Alyssa - I think the Start to Finish exercises are applicable to anyone working with story and character. I am going to start posting a weekend writing exercise each week when it's done, though, so come back for more.

Vicki - I'm totally going to dress up as one of my fantasy adventure novel characters when I go on my book tour. Don't you love the dark angel on the bench?