Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6 - 13 Quotes from 13 Poets and Writers

Thirteen Quotes from
Thirteen Poets and Writers

I graduated from Naropa University (The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics) in 1993, but stayed on as an assistant in the writing office for another year. I used to carry a notebook everywhere so I could write down random things that came from the mouths of visiting writers and poets. These are from the 1994 Summer Writing Intensive, which was (and probably still is), one of the best summer writing programs in the world.

If there is no name accredited to the quote, I probably overheard it in passing and just wrote it down. The TT logo above is from my journal that year.

1) Did you go out into the rain? It was like the Apocalypse! ~Joanne Kyger

2) If you want Yeats, Pound is no fun.

3) Why do you sing?
Territory. Like the birds.
~Steven Taylor

4) Think of the happy grass after we leave. ~Cecelia Vecuna

5) If one is going to receive a story or wisdom, then one should give a story or wisdom. ~Peter Lamborn Wilson

6) The end of western civilization means the end of claiming to tell everyone else's story. ~Dennis Tedlock

7) My ancestors were scrappy little women who would kill if they had to. ~Jennifer Lane

8) Writing is a perpetual lyric. ~Katie Yates

*9) Find the best minds of your generation... and stay in contact with them. ~Eliot Greenspan

10) In being a writer there's an ironic uselessness that's recognized. ~Rebecca Bush

11) Form is nothing more than a confrontation with content. ~Ron Silliman

12) You can find theory through practice, but you can never find practice through theory.

13) Write, then get out of the way of the reader. ~Mark DuCharme

*reference to Allen Ginsberg, who founded the Jack Kerouac School at Naropa.

I think my favourite is #10.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these quotes! My faves would have to be 3 and 7. My Grandmama really proves #7 for me, too. Hehehe.

Very creative!

I used to keep a book of interesting quotes I read/heard along my way, but it seems to have dissappeared in the many moves around the country. You have inspired me to take up keeping a notebook with me again. Thank you!

BTW, you have a lovely blog here. Expect to find me nosing about more often.

OpenChannel said...

Hi Kota! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. Please, nose away!

Yeah, I like #3 and #7 too. Well, I like them all... I guess that's why I wrote them down. I should do it more often myself. People say such amazing things sometimes without planning on it and the words simply disappear...

Milan - zzz said...

Lovely quotes! WOW I sometimes use #3 :)
#12 is so true!

Cheers & happy TT!

OpenChannel said...

Hi Milan, #3, really? I had totally forgotten about that quote until I reread my old journal. Love it.

Thanks for stopping by.

spyscribbler said...

Number 12 is wise. So is number 9. That would be a luxury! Who would I want to connect with? Gosh, I've never thought of that.

Happy TT!

Vicki said...

Wow. As I was reading I kept changing my mind on which one was my favorite. :)

I'm loving your T13's.

OpenChannel said...

Spyscribbler - we're all right here! Haha.

Thanks, Vicki, me too (as I was typing them out).

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Ha! I got here on Thursday this week!

Neat list; I'd never heard ANY of these quotes before.

I'm glad you're TTing with us. I'm liking getting to know you better.

OpenChannel said...

Why thanks, Susan. I'm really enjoying the camaraderie.

The reason you haven't heard any of the quotes is because they were said spontaneously during panel discussions or in passing. I just happened to write them down.

L^2 said...

These are all great; I especially like #9. Good for you for taking notes!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and commenting on my TT. :-)

Joy Renee said...

i used to collect overheard remarks back when i was trying to train myself to listen to voices so i could write dialog better. i don't think i was ever around such illustrious people tho sometimes the profundity that came out of the most unlikely mouths would amaze me. as did the absurdity.

i should start collecting overheard stuff again. don't know why i stopped. it's not like i perfected dialog...

these are all so wonderful i can't pick a favorite. ok maybe #5 because it implies that acquisition and imparting of wisdom or story is both a birthright and an obligation and not an elitist enclave of licensed practitioners.

OpenChannel said...

Joy - I love your comments about quote #5 - absolutely. It's also an exchange - we need to listen to each other's stories.

I think some of the best dialogue I've overheard is on the bus. Bars are good too. I love listening to strangers talk.