Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Another 13 Lines... (TT#7)

Albert le Chat, Supervisor

Because it's late and I'm tired, I'm going for another Thirteen Start Lines from 13 Poems. These are from a journal spanning May 1997 - April 1998. A very rough time in my life. I hit my Saturn Return, got a divorce, and was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. There was a lot of death at that time (my grandmother, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Princess Diana...). It was also a very productive time for poetry. Go figure.

I was really into playing with FORMS at this time, so there were loads of sestinas, pantoums, acrostics, etc. in my journal. I don't do that so much any more, so it was a fun romp.

Again, let me know which poem you'd like me to share on Monday on the Poetry Train.

1) Era ghost penis, you are my undoing

2) It was a dream of complex characters

3) A boy growls and sticks his tongue into his girlfriend's mouth

4) The have of not having the
gift of simple time

5) The last thing I put on before I walked away

6) I didn't go home with you because I'm having
an identity crisis

7) If my head were any thicker
I'd be an ocean

8) Do ordinary gatherings differently,
detach any yanking subversiveness

9) Late up with moon and I know
your heart rests in sound deep slumber

10) Page boy & very maroon she says...

11) I have never held a more beautiful silence
than your breath - intake and rest

12) Dig in. Know what's inside.
Mediocrity is stopping at an invisible line.

13) And a final WHOLE poem, a haiku:

Depth - such hard embrace
under skin shudder, tongue spun
undoes all my done

Have a great weekend!


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You're kidding, right? Pick ONE??? The eroti-chicks around the Poetry Train would, of course, go for the first 'cause it's got a penis and all that.

Me, I'd vote for a sestina. I wrote a bunch of them when I was in camp as a kid. Don't remember the form, except that I loved it.

spyscribbler said...

A haiku! Oh YAY! And it's SO erotic. With DH gone for another seven days, I really could use to have my done undone.

I just love the choice of your words!

OpenChannel said...

Couldn't we all use a little undoing?

Thanks for stopping by, I knew you would appreciate the 'ku.

OpenChannel said...

Susan - Yeah, I thought the "penis" one would get several votes. It's not as sexy as you might think though, it's a mistranstation from another poem, but I can't remember what language the first one was in.

I linked the word sestina to the definition. It's a complicated form, but I used to say that every poet had to write at least one in her lifetime.

Vicki said...

So picking one won't work. I like them all, but I'll pick a couple of my fav's.

1,6, 9, 11. :D

Thanks for linking me in your kindred know I feel the same. And yep, I write and I cheer on other writers to do the same. I've been lucky in this journey to have met others writers both on and offline who do and have done the same for me. It helps, or at least I think it does. :)

OpenChannel said...

Heya Vicki -

Thanks for giving me a choice. Although I am so tired, it will have to wait until tomorrow...

It helps, absolutely, to have a community. Otherwise, writing could be such a lonely pursuit.

Rah! Rah! Rah!