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TT #8 - Thirteen Words I Bet You've Never Heard Before

Artwork by Baylee, age 11

Thirteen Words I Bet You've Never Heard Before...

... because I made them up.

Some of you may know that my first novel is a middle grade fantasy adventure (currently being marketed by my agents). Last week I began writing the 2nd book in the series. Because I had created an entirely new world, I also had to create a reference book for myself in order to keep track of things. At the end of this World Book is a glossary of terms. I highly recommend this to anyone who is writing fantasy adventure or Sci-Fi or any other genre where you've made up terminology. I can't tell you how many times I've had to look up my own creations in my glossary.

Below is a sampling of terms from the novel, which is about two young faerie girls who must save their forest from a devastating curse (a few minor spoilers).

1) Bone-Dwellers
Large rodents that lives off of dead flesh and bones. Somewhat blind and deaf, they are not very skittish. They are also not dangerous to living beasts, just ugly and foul-smelling, with long, wiry whiskers, bald pink heads and tails, and thick matted brown fur on the rest of their bodies. If you see one, you know there is something dead close by.

2) Deodyte
Faeries may procreate with faeries bound by other elements. As when giving birth to a boy or a girl, there will be a dominant element. For instance, an earth faerie and a fire faerie may give birth to a fire girl, fire boy, earth girl, or earth boy. Once every great while, a deodyte will be born. This is a faerie of duel elements.

3) Drutan
A “Tree Person.” There are several scattered about the continent of Foraglenn. They live a very long time (longer than faeries) and are solitary beings. They have humanoid features, except that their skin grows progressively more bark-like as they age and they lose their facial features. They are quite good with magic, especially dealing with plants. When they die, they simply stop where they are and take root, almost indistinguishable from the actual trees.

4) Globelight
A faerie’s flashlight. Not difficult to make, but tricky to make well. If you can read a cook-book, and have a good mould, you can make a globelight. However, it takes a skilled faerie to make one that stays charged for any length of time. They are round, fit in the palm of one’s hand, and give off light from any part that’s rubbed. Use a thumb to make a spotlight, wipe the whole thing and hang it for a night dance.

5) Grovens

A furry toad-like creature, with very large eyes and fat lips. They are slow and not very bright. Sometimes faerie children keep them as pets, but they aren’t very exciting. They aren’t sad, but their expressions might lead one to believe they are. Playing with them is harmless, but it’s best not to follow them home, as they live in a slimy stench-mould bog, where they gather to mate, give birth, and raise their young. They spend the rest of their time wandering around the forest, eating creepy-crawlies and sleeping in damp places. They have no sense of smell, but their hearing is pretty good.

6) Gundle Beans

A hearty, versatile faerie staple. “Eat your gundle beans” is probably the most common phrase out of a mother faerie’s mouth at the dinner table. Plump, meaty brown beans that grow in great clumps on vines around trees in the shadiest parts of the
White Forest. Can eat them straight off the vine or cooked in many different dishes such as pie or stew.

7) Lola Moon

The smaller, oranger of the two moons. Lola means “small one” or “little one.” Sometimes older sisters call their little sisters “lola” or parents use it as a term of endearment. Also referred to as Sister Moon, especially in faerie lullabies.

8) Munshmins

Extremely annoying, precocious, and loud-mouthed plant. Dark purple, thorny, with large-lipped bulbs. They make great burglar alarms and are also used in potions that involve making inanimate objects speak.

9) Rock Dragons

Leftover beasts from an ancient time. Usually pretty lazy unless provoked. Only live in the vicinity of the castle at
Dead Mountain. The ancient Sages had conjured them up to keep the curious away from the castle. There are about a dozen of them left. They do not procreate.

10) Shadowfly

Shadowflies are quiet flying beasties that perform patterned dances in the sunlight in order to communicate. Lots of faerie children daydream while watching them as they are quite mesmerizing. If you study their shadows long enough, however, you can figure out what they are saying. The messages are usually reports about the weather or where certain flowers were in bloom.

11) Sharmock Roots

A common ingredient in a variety of faerie stews, herbal medicines and spells. They are extremely versatile and pleasant enough tasting on their own (raw or cooked). The roots are bright orange, like plump carrots, but they are difficult to spot on the forest floor because the top of the root looks like a common moss. However, they usually grow in large clumps, like crabgrass, so when you find one, just pull and you’re in business. They grow well in the
White Forest due to its particular balance of water and light.

12) Thunder-bug

Thunder-bugs cling to branches and shake their back ends to make rhythmic, percussive sounds. They each tend to have their own rhythm, though, so a swarm of them can be quite dizzying. Faerie children like to catch them when they are drunk on discarded goldenfew and put them in jars.

13) Whisper Light

The seeds of a Whisper Light are carried off by the breeze, like a dandelion. The “whisps” glow yellow, which indicates they are ready to plant themselves. But if the light is extinguished before it manages to plant itself in the ground, then the seed loses its fertility. Not only does it emit light, it also emits sound. The sounds are whispers, hence the name. And although it doesn’t actually say anything that makes sense, it can drive one crazy trying to figure out what they are saying, because it sounds like something. In addition, what you hear them whispering is entirely a reflection of what’s going on in your own mind.

Have a terrific holiday weekend!

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Xakara said...

Thanks for the reminder, I haven't updated the glossery for my urban fantasy world in a while and yet I'm still adding. I'll do it first thing when I get up this afternoon.

I will have Bone-Dwellers stuck in my head all day. :)


WAHM said...

Great list.

my very first 13 is up !

Linda R. Moore said...

* chuckle * Reminds me of when I was writing Rhaeva.

Both my TTs are up:

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

World-building's great, isn't it?

Neat stuff; I hope your agents get you a great deal before too long!

OpenChannel said...

Xakara - thanks for stopping by. Yes, the glossary keeps getting longer. Thank god I have a little OCD to keep myself organized.

Congrats, wahm, and welcome.

Hey Linda, I'll be over there in a minute!

Susan - you and me both!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Whisper lights sound lovely, if slightly annoying. :) What a clever list--how fun!

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Alyssa -

yes, whisper lights are lovely and slightly annoying.