Saturday, September 29, 2007

13 Reasons I Have Been Absent in Blogland

I missed the last 2 Thursday Thirteens. I've barely had time to check my e-mail in the last 2 weeks, let alone post a TT. A few of you sent private e-mails to see if I was okay, that was sweet, thanks! I'm fine, just busy. :-)

1) Baby and I finally took our (mini) summer vacation to the SUNSHINE COAST. This is where we've decided we will live some day soon. We left our computers at home.

2) While on the Sunshine Coast, we took a hike to SKOOKUMCHUK NARROWS. This is NOT a river. The rapids are created simply by the rising and falling of the ocean tide through a narrow area that connects two inlets.

3) I aided in organizing the PLEASE ADJUST YOUR SET Campaign Launch, which took place last Monday night. This is the culmination of a three year study on the status of women in film and television in British Columbia. The results... things haven't changed much in over 20 years. It's the same all over the world. Women are still not significantly represented in "above the line" positions (i.e. those with creative control over content).

4) Women in Film and Television Vancouver hosted our annual opening night party for the 2008 Vancouver International Film Festival, MARTINI MADNESS, this year held at the elegant Macaroni Grill:

5) And speaking of the Vancouver International Film Festival... I went to the opening film ATONEMENT, a British film based on the Ian McEwan novel. Run, do not walk, to see this film if it comes to your town. I'm sure it will have a theatrical release, just don't know how it will do competing with all the Hollywood blockbusters.

6) After the film, I attended VIFF's own opening Gala Event. They had yummy food and a fashion show. As the night progressed, the models wore less and less clothes. At the end, they came out in tops and underwear. I am not exaggerating.

This is me with actor Mackenzie Gray (a wonderful supporter of Women in Film) and production coordinator / fellow Women in Film boardmember Robyn Wiener

7) During this time I was also teaching classes in the writing department of Vancouver Film School. I have a new class this term that I just love. It's a feature film workshop. Basically, we read student's scripts and discuss them. How fun is that?

8) I rode my bike to the doctor. I got a prescription, which I still haven't filled.

9) I attended the Telefilm reception for the Vancouver Film Festival. I started to lose my voice from all the receptions and galas.

10) I've been promoting and working on WIFTV's own film festival, which takes place in March. I'm the festival chair. We're now accepting submissions. Tell all your female film-making friends.

11) I've been working on getting my short film Make up the Dead out of post-production. We're getting there... it should be done by mid-Oct. Yay! That's me in the blue cap looking directorly. Sitting next to me is fabulous DOP Kelly Mason. Let's hear it for camerawomen!

12) Took a shift Friday at the Women in Film booth at VIFF's annual Trade Forum. Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend any of the forum talks! But I did have a good time chatting with participants as they came and went.

13) And, don't laugh... amid ALL of this, Baby and I have been house-hunting. Yes, in our spare time. We even made an offer on a house last week. We didn't get the house and are still hunting... tomorrow, I'm going to buy a bigger gun.

And yes, I still wrote every day, even while on vacation (by hand).

So, what have you been doing to occupy your time? Can you believe how busy our modern day lives are? Do you look at your own schedule and want to pull your hair out?


Vicki said...

Wow. You've been really busy! So many exciting things are happening. The class you're teaching sounds great!

Glad you're back though, you've been missed.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

If I'd been that busy, I wouldn't have posted, either! And it's all good stuff you're involved in -- I get to hang out with kindergarten kids this week. It'll be fun and rewarding, I'm sure, just ... not as glamorous.

Glad you've been writing -- me, too!

Norma said...

You've been busy--and what a good idea NOT to take the computer on vacation!

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Hi Norma! Thanks for stopping by!