Monday, September 3, 2007

Monday Poetry Train #4

I've been typing up my 3:15 poems from this past August, so I thought I'd include one here. I wasn't really all that excited about my work from this year's 3:15 Experiment. A few lines here and there, but for the most part... kinda ordinary if you ask me.

The whole idea of the experiment is to write in a hypnopompic or hypnagogic state and NOT edit what you write before posting it on the 3:15 website. The idea is to find out what happens in that 1/2 dream state.

Here is a sample from this year. I picked this one because it is a great example of that 3:15 ness where it's partially about the day that I had and partially about a dream I awoke from. I also kinda like the ending (it's great to even have one because sometimes I fall back asleep before getting there).

August 9

The revelation at 3:15
depends upon your
understanding of the commitment
of it - I understand
moving forward in
baby steps - when don’t we
move we are tumbling
headlong into space - the least
you could do is get a job
we are spinning at several
thousand miles per hour
do your part for the good
of humanity
pitch in, clean up after yourself
satisfied the dishes and
laundry are done I can
sit back and enjoy the movement
of our home through space
my job, shall I choose
to accept it is to record my thoughts
my movement and those
of the things around me
Sounds like a big job
and important
I’ll check the weather
and get back.

Meanwhile, at the café
steel-toe boots are all the rage
and blue-teeth, hands free phones

At the café all writers
eat for free today
(as it should be)
move over and let me work:
free lunch
on the rock
hurdling through space
of smoked salmon


gautami said...

"At the café all writers
eat for free today
(as it should be)
move over and let me work:
free lunch
on the rock
hurdling through space
of smoked salmon

I enjoyed reading the poem. I could relate to it too. The above lines are what I liked most.

Danika / OpenChannel said...

me, too, as a matter of fact, if it weren't for the satisfying last several lines I wouldn't have shared this particular poem.

thanks for stopping by.

charleneteglia said...

Love the ending. Interesting idea, the 3:15 experiment.

Anonymous said...

" lunch..."

There is no free lunch, alas

Danika / OpenChannel said...

charleneteglia - thanks for stopping by. I've been doing the experiment since 1993 and I look forward to it every year (even though it makes for a very tired August and grumpy husband).

Rhet - there was that day! Gotta appreciate it when it comes.

Vicki said...

Loved the poem. The last lines are my fav as well.

Gotta go check out the weekend writer now. I'm so behind from the move but at least I'm back. :)

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Yay! Vicki's back!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

That's cool. The stream of consciousness makes perfect sense. Love it, Danika!!