Sunday, October 28, 2007

Monday Poetry Train #9

I dug this one up from my 2000 files. Another unpublished one, having been dropped from a manuscript because I wasn't completely happy with it.

All these poems have inspired me to write poetry again, so thanks to all the folks on Rhian's Poetry Train for that. I have started a new series and will post some soon. In the meanwhile, an oldie...

formless (pt. 1)

whether time is a reasonable mode of transportation

whether transportation is a reasonable measure of time

I am not the poem

the poem is empty


of form

a hundred clouds move through the sky

like the monkey that escaped from my car

and became lyrics to a song

or was it a rain pellet

I forgot the melody

rather being movement itself

lingering by a vast body of water

there among the exploded nothing

without form I need no temperature

without form I need no tangible sustenance

I can’t even say float

because that would imply scales or wings

it is more an invisible wave

come to pass through the unexpected ear

that moves

from heart to tear

He said the painting made him cry

was it the brushstroke or the color of the

complete image

was the artist manipulating him

to prove a point

or was he himself crying

and wished someone would hear

was it the softness of the female figure

or the expression that triggered

a memory

and remembering

he was crying

exited the room



Rhian said...

your talent always makes me feel so humbled. This was fantastic.
And the Train has got me writing new poems for the first time too in several years.
I loved this:
"was the artist manipulating him
to prove a point
or was he himself crying
and wished someone would hear"

gautami tripathy said...

Writing poetry comes easy for me. I think you should write poetry more often. You are very good at it.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Whoa, Danika. Have you tried reading this out loud, at a poetry slam or something? I can totally see it going over. Its voice is so strong. Really wonderful.

STAK said...

i like the idea of the flow of our words sometimes being the monkey escaped from our car..........i can relate......

but on the whole, this is really good

Madame Rubies said...

"I am not the poem... the poem is empty."

I love that line. And I am really digging your banner too.

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Hi Rhian - thanks! I always laugh when you guys comment because I usually post my not-so-favourite ones. The ones that didn't end up in books or elsewhere because I was dissatisfied with them and abandoned them along the way.

I'm pretty critical of my own work sometimes.

I remember working this one over and over again and finally dismissing it.

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Thanks, Gautami -

I stopped writing poetry a few years back because I was a) burned out and b) focused on other kinds of writing (i.e. the kinds that actually pay you for your work).

I ran a non-profit literary arts centre for a few years, organized the annual Seattle Poetry Festival for a few more, and was in four different spokenword groups over the years. By the time I left Seattle I had attended over 1,000 poetry readings.

Now... I'm emerging again... slowly.

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Thanks Susan, I'm sure I've read this one somewhere. I never thought of it as a strong performance piece, though. That's interesting you say that.

Thanks for stopping by, Stak, I love playing with words, the unexpectedness of them, the sounds, juxtapositions, etc.

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Thanks Madame Rubies -

The banner is actually from a photo I took of a wall of a building in Portugal. The graffiti continued for quite a bit, but this was my favourite portion. Yeah... graffiti, can you believe it?

Ann said...

Awesome poem (is there a pt 2?). And I love your banner, too.

julia said...

"it is more an invisible wave
come to pass through the unexpected ear
that moves
from heart to tear"

Holy fabulousness.

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Hi Ann,

There is a part two - it's quite different. It was too long to post them both. I may post the 2nd one next week... maybe... haha.


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