Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #12 - 8 Truths and 5 Lies

Vicki tagged me with the old "8 things about you" meme. Since I hadn't yet done my Thursday Thirteen, I figured I would merge the two.

So, below, EIGHT of these things are facts about me.
of them are things about characters in my stories.

See if you can guess which are about me, and which are about my characters.

1) I lost the spelling bee in 2nd grade because I couldn't spell the word "kiwi."

2) I raised several thousand dollars for a cancer research center by holding a chocolate festival.

3) I drove across two states to stop my best friend's wedding.

4) My first real job was shredding paper at a real estate office. My second was at Winchell's donuts.

5) I accidentally hit a blind woman's dog with my car.

6) I have taken formal Buddhist vows of refuge.

7) I lived in Eastern Europe for a year.

8) I was on top of a mountain in Colorado when a thunderstorm moved in. A man hiking below us was struck by lightning.

9) I fell and broke my arm while trying to find the Christmas present my husband had hidden from me.

10) I used to videotape my room at night in case there were ghosts.

11) I make the best carrot-cake you'll ever taste.

12) The lenses in my eyes have been replaced by fake ones, which make me far-sighted.

13) When my forest was hit by a mysterious curse, my little sister and I had to travel to Dead Mountain to find an excommunicated faerie. (just seeing if you're paying attention)

That was fun! Sort of like "two truths and a lie" only on a grander scale.

I'm supposed to TAG someone for the meme now... hmmm... well, I'll tag POST MODERN SASS and CAMMIE IN BLOGLAND just because I haven't before, so they are the least likely to kill me for it. CAMMIE and SASS - you are to write in your blog 8 things about yourself. (you don't have to do the lying part, that was my twist on it. Although that was fun.)


Vicki said...

I love how you did this. What a cool twist on the age old things about you meme. :D

Now to choose the ones that are your thinks me will have to study a wee bit deeper before I can be making me choices.

I'll be back...

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Truth is often stranger than fiction, so I'm not going to even begin to guess at what's what here. They're all pretty strange in that they're not something an average person would do. Which is why I like ya.

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Hey Ladies - Ah, come on! I made at least one of them a little obvious.

And I'll give you a hint for another: I am not a bad speller, just an insecure one due to childhood trauma. Haha.

Julia said...

1. About You
2. About You
3. About your characters
4. About You
5. About your characters
6. About You
7. About You
8. About your characters
9. About You
10. About your characters
11. About You
12. About You
13. About your characters

This is my guess, so am not sure if am right :) But it was fun! Thanks for visiting my blog and wishing me Happy Birthday :) Good luck on the contest

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Hey, way to go, Julia! You only got two wrong. But I'm not saying which ones yet.

Nicholas said...

When will you give us the answers?

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Hi Nicolas. I was waiting to see if anyone could figure out which two Julia had wrong.

I'll spill the beans on Monday, probably.

Thanks for stopping by.

Vicki said...

Okay, I think that #3, #8 and #12 are about your characters. #13 is just for fun.

I'm hoping #11 is about you cause I love carrot-cake. :D

Danika / OpenChannel said...

haha, yes, Vicki - I actually DO make the best carrot cake you'll ever taste. As a matter of fact, my husband won't ever buy it in restaurants for dessert because he says it's never as good as mine.

So far we all know that #1 is about me, #11 is about me, and #13 is about a character. I'll reveal the rest tomorrow...

Or perhaps I should reveal them in my NEXT TT as a TT?

Sophisticated Writer said...

OK, here are my guesses (and this is the first time for me on your blog -- which I find amazing by the way and I'm so happy to meet a fellow writer and ex-full time poet):

1. You (you revealed it yourself, but oh really?)
2. You
3. your characters
4. You
5. your characters
6. your characters
7. You
8. You
9. You
10. You
11. You
12. your character
13. your character

How many did I get right?

By the way I used to write poetry full time too years ago before the poetic muse deserted me for the writing one :)

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Hey SW - Thanks for visiting.

You got four wrong. :-) But that's pretty good for never having visited me before.

Go poets!

I've definitely decided to reveal it all on Thursday. That way I can explain them in a new TT.