Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #13 - The Truth Revealed

Last week I wrote eight things about myself (to fulfill a meme request) and five things about characters in my stories. I asked people to guess which were me and which were my characters. This week I reveal the answers...

1) I lost the spelling bee in 2nd grade because I couldn't spell the word "kiwi."
This is about me. I was mortified. It was the first round of the 2nd graders. I didn't even know what a "kiwi" was. I had been absent for some reason and had forgotten that the spelling bee started that day. To this day, when people ask me to spell things out loud for them, I freeze up.

2) I raised several thousand dollars for a cancer research center by holding a chocolate festival.
This is about me. It was awesome. Everyone was all dressed up and went from table to table eating chocolate. Yum.

3) I drove across two states to stop my best friend's wedding.

Well, I'm glad no one thought this was about me, although 15 years ago I wanted to drive across two states to stop my best-friend's wedding. Instead, it's part of the plot in my romantic comedy feature screenplay Chickens and Stars.

4) My first real job was shredding paper at a real estate office. My second was at Winchell's donuts.
This is about me. Shredding paper wasn't as dull as it sounds. I did this after hours and read a lot of the material before shredding it. I also vacuumed. After my job at Winchell's, I couldn't eat donuts for months.

5) I accidentally hit a blind woman's dog with my car.
Not me. This is from a short film I wrote. I picked something that sounded unforgivable and tried to make the audience sympathize with the drunk woman driving the car instead of the blind woman whose dog she hit.

6) I have taken formal Buddhist vows of refuge.
This is me. I graduated with my MFA from Naropa University, a private college in Boulder, Colorado founded on Buddhist principles, in 1993. It wasn't until a few years later, when I was having a spiritual crisis, that I took refuge. I even took a Tibetan language class for a while so I could chant the words properly.

7) I lived in Eastern Europe for a year.
Also me. I lived primarily in Prague (although if you call Czech's Eastern European they get a little snippy), traveled to Bosnia, Croatia, and Hungary, then spent a month in Vienna (although they also don't consider themselves Eastern European).

8) I was on top of a mountain in Colorado when a thunderstorm moved in. A man hiking below us was struck by lightning.
Also me. Scary as hell. I could feel the electricity in the air. I was crying and sure we were about to die. The man struck by lightning was picked up by a helicopter. By the time I got to where he had been, they were gone, but I remember blood on the rocks. I have no idea if he survived.

9) I fell and broke my arm while trying to find the Christmas present my husband had hidden from me.
Not me. A character from a short film script called No Peeking. In the script she gets progressively more injured as she seeks out the present.

10) I used to videotape my room at night in case there were ghosts.
Not me, but totally sounds like something I'd do. From another short film script called In Case of Ghosts. This short is being produced some time in the next few months. I'm excited, because it's always been a favourite of mine.

11) I make the best carrot-cake you'll ever taste.
This is me. My husband won't order carrot cake in restaurants because it never measures up. Vicki, if you're ever in town, I'll make you a carrot cake. :-)

12) The lenses in my eyes have been replaced by fake ones, which make me far-sighted.
This is me. I had premature cataracts in my eyes due to long-term prednisone use. I have fake lenses now. I went from being near-sighted to far-sighted overnight. It was a bit of a shocker and for a while I thought my writing life was over. Now I just wear reading glasses.

13) When my forest was hit by a mysterious curse, my little sister and I had to travel to Dead Mountain to find an excommunicated faerie.
Not me. I don't have a sister.

Have a great weekend! Watch out for that Mercury in Retro!


Rims said...

Wow now this is a great list I should fact a very unique way to present urself :D

Happy TT

Vicki said...

This was cool. I didn't get all of them right but learned alot about you and your work.

I can't imagine seeing someone struck by lightening. How scary.

So sorry about the second meme, but it's short and since it's all about books, well, I'd like to know your answers. I proimise to not tag you for a while after this. (raising right hand)

Now I've got figure out how to come visit so I can have some carrot cake. :D

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Did someone say Carrot Cake????

Your life seems much cooler than mine, and that's making me sad. I want to go out and do more things now!

Happy TT, Danika. Very cool life you've led.

Nicholas said...

That's a very entertaining list. I loved Prague and I made the mistake of calling it Eastern Europe, when they think of themselves at Central Europe.

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Hay everyone!

Vicki - I was trying to figure out a way to ship some to you. Haha. They do have freezer packs (lots of people ship fish home from visiting Canada), but I don't think it would be the same after the trip.

Susan - I think everyone's life is interesting when you write down the things that happen to them.

Nicholas - Yup, that's exactly it. I didn't make that mistake in Austria... although Austria (especially Vienna) doesn't have an Eastern European "feel" to it as some of the other countries. I think to them it's politically insulting, especially in their new EU standing.

Fleiger said...

The ghostly film sounds very interesting... Details please.

Are there any chances a similar request for #3 would get a similar (positive?) response?

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Hi Fleiger - I'm not sure what kind of details you'd like. It's a short film, soon to be produced, about a young woman who is suffering from depression following her mother's death. She becomes obsessed with videotaping her room at night while she sleeps... "in case of ghosts" she tells her friends. The final scene involves camera POV of 2 ghosts who do indeed visit her room one night, only to rewind / reset the camera before they disappear.

It's a dark comedy.

I'm not sure what your second question means... I'm not sure anyone would actually stop a friend's wedding... it's one of those things that only happens in the movies. Am I right?