Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Word on Wednesday

I've had several folks ask me why the WGA writers are on strike. What it comes down to is the pay structure for multi-platform and new media. There's currently nothing in place to assure writers will be compensated appropriately for this work. Where they could get residuals for shows broadcast on television, this doesn't exist for the internet. Writers have actually written webisodes (which are downloaded by viewers and chock full of advertising revenue) and not been compensated for them. In addition, writers make about .04 on each $20 DVD sale (and we all know DVD's cost about .15 to make so who's keeping all the money?)

Watch the following videos to hear it straight from the streets of Hollywood. We Canadian writers need to pay attention to this as it will affect all of us in the long run. And be sure to visit United Hollywood for daily news and updates.

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Anonymous said...

So the actors are on strike too? Is this only in hollywood or other places?


Vicki said...

I'm totally with them and I think it's great that the actors are supporting them.

So, what does this do to you? Anything other than more time?

Gentle Reader said...

Thanks for being supportive!

Danika / OpenChannel said...

CH - The actors will go on strike when their contract is up in the spring (if things are not solved by then), because they are facing the same issues. Right now, many of them are simply coming out to support the writers and some of them are in the WGA themselves.

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Vicki - I'm not in the WGA, heck, I'm not even in the WGC (Writers Guild of Canada), so I haven't been affected yet. If Hollywood studios try to avoid using WGA writers by recruiting Canadian writers (There is rumour of one right now), I wouldn't do it. I'm not going to cross that picket line, because this issue affects us all.

Some of the American shows I've worked on up here (like Psych) will probably be on hold unless things get worked out.

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Sure thing, Gentle Reader, and thanks for popping in.