Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Word on Wednesday - Friends Doing Good Things

I said I was back and then promptly left again... Well, this time I mean it. I'm back and I've missed everyone!

Today's WORD goes out to some people I know who have recently followed their hearts (or guts, as some would say), with inspiring results.

Million Dollar Hunch and Hope's Last Request

A little while back I wrote about a former student of mine who had taken a risk on a hunch and started on a journey to simply hand people what they needed. His goal was to raise a million dollars and give it all away. He ended up giving all of his own savings away. He also ended up buying a Harley Davidson on his credit card as a dying wish for a girl, who wanted to give the bike to her father before she passed away.

He did and she died a few days later.

A friend of mine, who has been with Jim on his entire journey, documented the story and now it's available on DVD. The sale of the DVD goes towards production costs, as everything was created and funded at their own expense. Jim put almost $20,000 on his credit card to buy the motorcycle for Hope and some donations have come in to pay him back for his good deed.

Check out MILLION DOLLAR HUNCH to see what they've been up to or to buy the DVD.

Who Do You Think You Are?
by Keith Leon

I had the pleasure of helping edit a new book, now available on-line and to be released as a physical book in Spring. It's called Who Do You Think You Are and it includes interviews with successful people who have embraced their "purpose" in life and are living that purpose to the fullest. You can listen to a recorded teleseminar with Keith, and some of the people interviewed for the book, on the above link.

Participants include some of the top "thought leaders" of our time, many names you'll recognize from movies like The Secret or from the work that they do. He divided them into teachers, authors, entertainers, healers, speakers, and entrepreneurs. Included in the book are Jack Canfield, Marcia Martin, Dr. Joe Vitale, Terry Cole Whittaker, Bob Proctor, John F. Demartini, Hale Dwoskin, Rhonda Britten, Curtis Sliwa, and others. There are so many viewpoints, that I guarantee there's something for everyone... some one in that book will speak to you.

He asked them all the same three questions:
Who do you think you are?
What event or series of events led you to this realization?
What advice would you give to others still searching for their purpose in life?

It was really inspiring to help edit the book, because I was so immersed in these people's lives. I realized while I was reading it that they are no different than I am, they simply broke through the barriers (the ones we put in our own way). Reading it was like being bonked on the head with a velvet hammer over and over again. I have to say, it really helped me to take some big steps forward in my life.

Congrats to Keith. I know his book will do well and inspire many people.


Michelle Johnson said...

Your friend is a very kind and compassionate person. Giving beyond the call of duty is immeasurable. I know that Harley's can be expensive because my dad and mom owned one each before. But, I know that girl is resting in peace now because of his kindness.

I am always pondering the question who do you think you are? That answer is always different every time. Thanks for sharing such a thought provoking post.

There's a little something from me here "shades of mj" if you would like to check it out. Hope your Christmas went well in the new house. And, thanks for the comments on my blog.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

that's an interesting experiment 0- beautiful especially if it was altruistically motivated, and even if not, good anyway in the end. not to sound jaded, but doesn't the act of giving, even if you decide to do it recklessly and ring up huge debt, include the idea that you never actually expect anything in return? costs of production, the harley or whatever. it reminds me of something Joseph Goldstein wrote in 'Seeking the Heart of Wisdom' about how, after giving out rice and alms to a person in India, he felt deflated when they took the merch and left without so much as a smile, or even thank you.

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments Anonymous.

Let me clarify something...

Jim (my ex-student) one day decided that he was going to prove he could raise a million dollars. It wasn't until later he decided that he should raise the money and give it away by giving people what they needed. He began by giving his own savings away. He never expected anything in return.

Then, he started looking for people and organizations that needed specific things so he could direct his fundraising. One non-profit organization needed a refrigerator, one woman needed $ to get surgery for her cat...

Then, he found Hope, who was dying, and wanted to grant her last request. He asked several organizations to help, and most of them wanted to help, but there was so much red tape that they all said it would be weeks before they could help him (either with money or a motorcycle donation). He was so frustrated because Hope didn't have weeks, she had days and he couldn't make anyone move any faster on it.

So, he decided to purchase the bike himself on his credit card.

A few months later, Hope's friends and family collected some money to help Jim out. He didn't ask for it, he wasn't expecting it. They just did it.

My producer friend loved the story and followed Jim around for weeks documenting everything. She basically didn't do anything else. She's an up-and-coming producer, working to make a living at doing what she loves to do. The sale of the DVD is to cover production costs so she can continue documenting Jim's work.