Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Poetry Train - Divine Creation

Every once in a while I have a "missing my father moment." He died almost two years ago and I can't believe it's been that long already.

As usual, I used the 5 magic words from Michelle's Poefusion Blog

divine creation

today I am glass
inspired by a tome
of pink halos
left drying in the sun

you and the universe cohere
flying presently past
the dandelion field I awoke from
not so long ago

life is three days you said
on your death bed a man
now a boy
to a woman
not yet finished and
after you left
all I could offer was dedications
in books the pages years but if your
philosophy is true they are minutes
and I am flying through them with
you in my arms

today I am glass you warm me
immersed in your heart the one
that stopped beating
the one I drew my hand to
and closed your eyes

today I went to boxing class felt the
muscles of my arms as I punched
red gloves into red gloves inside the smell of
bodies burning
bending towards
no time

today I am glass
or tears or snowflakes my
eyes don’t know at any moment
what I am doing other than needing
to be in love

The Friday Five words were: create, immerse, glass, dandelion, and cohere

Join Rhian's Poetry Train, everyone's doing it.


Anonymous said...

beautiful danika. i love it. makes me sad that i don't have that closeness with my family

and wow to think a prompt like glass got you there...

i am going to have to give those prompts a try. i keep just posting old stuff on the train. when i write new stuff, i just post it tho whenever i want rather than wait for the train. so much ugh going on around here with neighbors and rain not sure if i'd get anywhere but guiltsville

Michelle Johnson said...

Danika, your poem is beautiful. A poignant remembrance of your father which, by the way, I am sorry is not here anymore. It sounds as though you were very close to one another. Thanks for sharing this moment with me. I am glad my Friday 5 could help. Happy Writing~

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Michelle Johnson said...

Oops~ It didn't leave it written out the way I wanted it to. I will come back and write it again. I have to help John get ready for work right now. Be back soon.

paisley said...

what a powerful ode to mourning... it is such a strong emotion ,, one of those we as a society still choose to brush under the rug... i am so glad that you shared this with us... it lets those of us who have ost someone very close to us know that we were never alone in the way we felt,, and continue to feel....

if you still want to know how to link to a post in a comment email me at

Michelle Johnson said...

OK I'm back. Let's try this again. <

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Michelle Johnson said...

Also, you will need to put the whole thing together. I spread it out because it made the link if I didn't.

julia said...

Danika, my father died last March and my father-in-law just three weeks ago. I myself am amazed at the passing of time, when I can hear or feel them so easily and yet know they're not visible just now.

I love your glass analogy. Completely transparent, totally fragile. Your final lines are fantastic:

'today I am glass
or tears or snowflakes my
eyes don’t know at any moment
what I am doing other than needing
to be in love'


Danika / OpenChannel said...

AP - I started the poetry train by editing old work and then at one point I just started writing new stuff. I think it had been so long that I was afraid.

The writing prompts most definitely help.

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Hi Michelle - yup, that's exactly what I did in the comment and it wouldn't accept the html. I'm not sure why. I can do other html tags like bold and italics...

Maybe I'll try again. Perhaps I missed a letter or backslash or something.


LittleWing said...

so very very beautiful ....

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You've bowled me over with this one, Danika. Wow. I need to sit and meditate on it for a bit.

gautami tripathy said...

Danika, I lost my father more than five years ago. I still feel intense pain at times.

I am touched by this piece.