Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Workout / Monday Train: Wishes, Lies, Dreams #6 of 6

Yes, I'm cheating, I'm combining my Weekend Workout (cuz it's late) with my Monday Poetry Train. But since I used this new exercise to write a new poem, I figured it counted as both.

This is the last assignment for the Wishes, Lies, and Dreams portion of the Weekend Workout. Thanks Puget Sound Community School, for playing along.

Calling Out

"Calling" is a form of wishing. We call for help. We call for something larger than ourselves, to connect with something larger for ourselves. Sometimes our calls are simply pleas to something beautiful, something simple and pure, because we know we are flawed.

I think this exercise is best done outside. A quiet spot is better, but I did this one on my back porch with the traffic outside and all the telephone wires hanging like laundry lines.

In this exercise, you just get quiet for a few minutes, and then look around you and find something in nature to be "in awe" with.

After having a few moments of "awe," call out to this thing. When you call, speak on behalf of yourself as a human existing on the planet. Think about your time on the earth compared to its. Think that you can learn something from it. Listen to what it teaches you.

You literally start this poem with "I call to..." and then ride the call like wind and see where it takes you. This is a very "stream of consciousness" kind of poem and I'm looking forward to seeing where you all land with it.

Lost Flock

I call to the snowcapped blue
mountains Tuesday morning the
river of cars buoys ex-pedestrians
to the city
my muse
of politics
each vying for some heart
as if there weren't enough
to go around

Black crows on the wire
identify each other by instinct
while we do by hairstyles and
familiar arguments

I call to my people
follow through on your dreams
head forth
look the squeegee kids
in the eyes say
hello and thank you
like the magic you do
without fear
of losing your flock


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Whoa, Danika. That's powerful.

What's funny is that I was at my son's soccer practice tonight and watching the clouds. Had I known of this exercise, I'd have created some good poetry.

If my fingers hadn't frozen first.

Anonymous said...

funny i thnk how is this different from the hello exercise but it is

i like the last stanza esp!

amalio will be here weds (one of his poems is up on my blog)and laynie and jen will be here monday next! we will toast you, wondrous poet, for bringing us together!

btw, you should connect with read write poem--maybe link with them?

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by. I'd love some cloud calling poetry from you.

I wish I could toast live with you and Amalio and Laynie and Jen! Some of my favourite people in the world, all in one place.

I've been wanting to check out read write poem, just been busy!

Julia Smith said...

Here you are, riding to the rescue again. I used your 'call out' exercise to write a backstory poem for one of my characters. Thanks for all these muse-inducers!

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Thanks, Julia. Great take on the assignment, too.