Sunday, April 27, 2008

Monday Poetry Train - from the singed mouth of poetry

I just got back from Burning Word, the "festival of poetic fire," over on Whidbey Island in Washington State. My husband was a good sport and came with me, sitting in on an impressive number of poetry readings for a non-poet. We were pretty full by the end of the day.

This festival has a special place in my heart simply due to the number of people from my past who haunt it. It's always a reunion. This year I marveled over how many of them I've known for 10 or more years. Anne Waldman, Judith Roche, Paul Hunter, Paul Nelson, Clarice Keegan, Heather Haley, Charles Potts, Amalio Madueno... und so weiter... so many more I can't even list. Cheers to you all for being a part of the who I am now.

I had the pleasure of MCing the Vancouver stage & open mic and one of the workshops. I wrote the following poem in that workshop, although it's already been through a few incarnations.

losing the hammer-will

we have no will
to hammer the hills
tell each other as
drakes chase ducks
around the pond
and into the parking lot

angels in loose clothing
hum fatly the drums
of breath
groping half-baked
in the day - -

Hop on the Poetry Train and have a super week.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Poetry Train #22

Hello, hello from your inconsistent monday poetry trainer. how y'all doing? we had the most beautiful weekend in Vancouver, sun shining and cherry blossoms and magnolias in bloom down every street.

Here's a fresh one from last week (when it was still cloudy and rainy).
I'm writing poetry again... hooray.

Id Matters

No matter my inner
chaos - the birds go on
with their lives
cats too, sometimes
all 9 at once
under the roof chicks
have hatched into
gray spring - the
big-headed tomcat skulks
down the cracked

Notebooks coffee my morning
I embrace words high
sages have warned me
not to use - I choose
emotion over intellect and
the letters get all curly
like a school girl's locker

Beyond that meadow
of voice all is right
with the world - I'm still here
behind the traffic of ego
in the lush cemetery of dreams
laughing - just laughing
my id off

Have an superlicious week!