Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Poetry Train #22

Hello, hello from your inconsistent monday poetry trainer. how y'all doing? we had the most beautiful weekend in Vancouver, sun shining and cherry blossoms and magnolias in bloom down every street.

Here's a fresh one from last week (when it was still cloudy and rainy).
I'm writing poetry again... hooray.

Id Matters

No matter my inner
chaos - the birds go on
with their lives
cats too, sometimes
all 9 at once
under the roof chicks
have hatched into
gray spring - the
big-headed tomcat skulks
down the cracked

Notebooks coffee my morning
I embrace words high
sages have warned me
not to use - I choose
emotion over intellect and
the letters get all curly
like a school girl's locker

Beyond that meadow
of voice all is right
with the world - I'm still here
behind the traffic of ego
in the lush cemetery of dreams
laughing - just laughing
my id off

Have an superlicious week!


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I like the adjustment to our self-absorbed perspectives here, Danika. I've been thinking along similar lines lately.

Missy said...

What would Freud think of the poem, I wonder. ;)

Julia Smith said...

Ever since discovering Rhian's Poetry Train, I've been:

'laughing - just laughing
my id off'

And I love this:

'the letters get all curly
like a school girl's locker'!

artpredator said...

i smiled at those lines too, the curly handwriting and school girl locket

lots of nice concrete images to conjure, i like how real it all feels, like i'm there too seeing the cat and the birds

AP--still high from beach eve picnic with bored doe and laynie and jen...

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Hi Ladies,

I feel like all I'm writing about is cats and birds lately. I write every day on my back porch, which looks over the alley behind our house.

Julia - I thought ending with that line might have been too "clever" - but I couldn't help it. :-)

AP - wish I had been there!

Greyscale Territory said...

I love that lush cemetery of dreams. What a jaunty, fun write!


Danika / OpenChannel said...

thanks, Gemma, for stopping by.