Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Attempt at a Video Poem

This is the audio/visual to go with my previous post's poem.

Ironically, being a writer/producer/director, I have never actually edited anything before. All I have on my computer is this extremely limited Windows Movie Maker, but what'cha gonna do... perhaps I'll get inspired and invest in something a little more snazzy.

All wedding pictures taken by Tod McCoy, all other pictures taken by me.


Vicki said...

Great pics and I loved hearing the poem. The wedding must have been beautiful not only for the eyes but for the soul.

artpredator said...

wow, d, awesome! very professional, great images and editing work. love your voice and hearing you read the poem.

i have movie #4 up now!

check out info and links on my blog for guerillareads--you should do it!