Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Word on Wednesday - Gross National Happiness and Pronoia

This weeks' word goes out to the happy feet of Matt Harding. I couldn't stop smiling as I watched this video. I also got a little teary-eyed a few times, because it's just so damn beautiful. Watch it in its entirety, cuz just when you think you've seen it all, he changes it up a bit. Well done!

(Since YouTube is now WIDESCREEN, it doesn't fit in my blogspace any more. Doh!)

If you just love him, his website is Where the Hell is Matt?

And if you want to see an interview with him, check out young VJ Alexandra Liss' Video on SanFranciscoIAM

In particular, what he says at 5:38 about the country of Bhutan is lovely. I had never heard this. Basically the king of Bhutan (they just moved to a democracy recently) decided to measure the prosperity of the country's citizens NOT on economic terms, but by their level of happiness. They have a Gross National Happiness and a Ministry of Happiness.

That is just about the coolest thing I've heard of since I discovered Rob Brezny's book PRONOIA a few months ago. It actually deserves its very own WORD Entry. Perhaps I'll do more on that later. I'd definitely recommend it as a great holiday gift.


Sam Basi said...

That was so inspirational. I especially love the music. I'm was writing a film called Woman Of India which is set in the slums of Mumbai, India. This video really inspired me to re-open the FDR file and throw some ink down. Thanks, Danika!

Vicki said...

Just stopping by to say Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

the small boy loves love loves matt harding!

did you know the boy has a blog? and has several of matt's videos on it...

(he saw it on mine and had to have it on his...there's "different" one on mine as well...)

we will have to check out the interview! thanks for the tip!